Three Weeks, Three Days, Three Minutes

Chin MudraStudies estimate that the human body can go up to 3 weeks without food.  Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation during a hunger strike.  Conscious pH balance fortifies your BODY’s exchange of energies in the BIOSPHERE.

The average human body can go without water for 3 days before adverse signs appear.   Consciously programmed hydration attunes your MIND in the HYDROSPHERE.

Then, there is air.

Usually a person can only survive 3 minutes without breathing.  There are women divers In Japan and other countries who dive for abalone or pearls who are able to survive for 5 minutes at a time, even diving to a depth of 100 feet, on a single breath.  This requires years of training.  A Danish free diver held his breath for 22 minutes by first hyperventilating oxygen for 20 minutes to rid his body of carbon dioxide.  

The DNA of the human body is designed to resist many forms of trauma, survive a lack of nourishment, and take on harsh outer conditions.  The genetic blueprint is an inherited map of probable strengths and weaknesses.   Yet, a DNA map is not really the territory of the body.  A perfectly healthy physical body is rendered lifeless without the spark that travels through the MAGNETOSPHERE.

That’s where Spirit literally takes center stage.

The Restorative Wisdom in Oxygen

Claiming Your Breathing Space

Chin Mudra

One of the great pleasures of childhood is playing with breath.
“Hold my breath until I turn blue!”

In time breath describes our interactions with others.
“You take my breath away!”
“Don’t waste your breath!”

And it becomes a declaration of the meaning of our lives.
“Til my last breath.”

For most people, breathing is automatic.  In fact, many people learn just how important breath is to us when we don’t have it.  That’s the experience of an increasing number of people.  According to a 2016 World Health Organization report around 130 million people around the globe roughly the equivalent of the population of the Russian Federation – suffer from asthma.  The United States has seen a 60% increase in the past 30 years, particularly in 13-14 year olds.   Increasing air pollution in overpopulated cities makes it difficult to breathe.

We are completely conscious concerning its necessity to our lives while at the same time completely unconscious about our capacity to exert any willfulness with it.  Yet did you know that hatha yoga practices, called pranayama, have been teaching people how to breathe consciously for centuries?

Breathing difficulties awaken us to a need for space to reflect and express.  How we breathe makes all the difference.  That’s why breathing is a major part of the BARDO DIET.


In the BODY, breath fires.

Want to heal an injury, shed unwanted pounds, feel more energized, move through life passages?


In the MIND, breath aspires.

Moving from high school to college, or forging a new career?  Leaving the single life and moving into marriage, or from couplehood into family?  Adjusting to an empty nest, career changes, the passing on of a loved one?


In the SPIRIT, breath inspires.

Redefining who you are? Ready to count your blessings, face your shadows, let your Spirit soar?


Loosen old ties that yesterday served your needs to express the independent Self, and reconnect with the Source to receive your next life assignment.  Whatever change you are making, the BARDO DIET activates the Holographic Blueprint for your optimal health.  Preparation for your 49 day journey begins by answering the questions on the Bardo Quiz.


Energy describes an interaction.  The coming together of positive and negative poles – like metal filings to a magnet – make some “thing”.  Energy is either active or passive, kinetic or potential.  It is the coming together and the moving apart.  Connecting and disconnecting.  That is change! Breath magnetizes your soul to your body.  When these two are in harmony, we live in optimal health.

The Pranic RNA Transformation gives the mental key codes for calibrating Mind and Body with the life-giving force sometimes called the Holy Spirit.  This sense of wholeness carries the HOLOGRAPHIC BLUEPRINT for OPTIMAL HEALTH. Air is the most plentiful substance on our planet and in our bodies!

Releasing the power of breath is Step 3 in the 49 Day BARDO DIET.

Our own body cells harness life force, Chi, or Orgone energy from the universe using these resonance principles.  When a cell is breathing, giving and receiving from its surrounding universe, it performs its function perfectly in harmony with the remainder of the body.  We say we are healthy!  Both sacred and modern science tell us that a body in this state can live indefinitely.  This then is the key to longevity.

Based upon sacred geometric principles, the Stargate Field of Consciousness™ unites the Flower of Life with the Sri Yantra within an individual’s consciousness.  These enduring patterns are found around the world, impressed in stone on sacred buildings and recurring in religious artifacts.  When Consciousness of the Divine shines Light through the field, Spirit brings this form to life splitting it into the colors of the spectrum.  Knowledge of these rays is ancient wisdom, carried forth generation to generation for thousands of years.  They appear in the Hindu and Tibetan chakra systems, the Chinese Bagua, the Kabbalistic Sefirot, and the twelve sectors of the Eastern-Western zodiac making manu (the thinking being) the connecting link between the quantum world of subatomic particles and the cosmic world of torsion waves.

The MAGNETOSPHERE Tutorials teach how to harness vibration through the auditory sense.   Telliard deChardin said, “We are not a human being trying to attain a spiritual experience, but, rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” This shift in perception opens awareness in the Stargate Field.

The PRANIC RNA TRANSFORMATION entrains Mind and Body through the power of your own breath. It is a 7 minutes sound diet that resonates through every life-giving channel.  The Solfeggio frequencies broadcast through the emotional doorways that tie your Mind to your Body.  Clarity and calmness lubricate the hinges, enabling a smooth entry and exit.  Energy then moves freely between the Mind and Body.  No blockages mean no impediments or disease.

The third part of the BARDO DIET is a special blend of vibration and frequencies that activate an energetic resonance in the listener.  The vibrations come from the oldest language in the world, Sanskrit.  Each Sanskrit “word” has an image that guides the impact of producing it.   The six tone scale sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies activate the seven spheres of the Holographic Blueprint.  United, they produce harmony in SPIRIT, MIND, and BODY.