In the Tibetan teachings, the transitional state between waking and sleeping,

between one life and the next is called the Bardo.

Bardo is a stage. 

An intermediate stage.  It is the space occupied by how things have been and how things can be.

Bardo is a desire for things to remain the same.

It is the gateway to eternity, a timelessness.  The stage is existence.

Bardo is a desire for things to be different. 

It is the gateway to transformation, an alchemy.  The stage is consciousness.

Bardo is connection as our lives are constantly changing.

It is the gateway to the Source.  The stage is fulfillment.

The BARDO DIET invites the Self to participate in real change.

The Bardo Diet

Your Personal Blueprint for Health & Longevity

There are many transitions in our lives.  Some are welcomed, bringing happiness.  Some are resisted, bringing distress and pain.  Some are postponed.  Some are rushed.  All are experienced in one moment.

The coming and going of moments is what we call life.  The BARDO DIET is living life to its fullest. This virtuous life is based upon the world’s treasury of teachings and practices for simply living!  Did you know that wisdom teachings from the East measure our lives in the number of our breaths?  The Holographic Blueprint for Optimal Health calls for 946,080,000 breaths.  At the rate of 15 breaths per minute, that’s 120 years.

Breathing is a basic body function which most only pay attention to when it is disrupted.  Ever had the wind knocked out of you?  Or maybe you were crying so hard you couldn’t catch your breath to speak?  The Magnetosphere brings the dynamic power of breathing into your conscious awareness every day.  The Magnetosphere is the gateway for Spirit to flow through you.

Two other spheres are activated by the BARDO DIET.   The Hydrosphere makes the H2O you drink a powerful ally in establishing flow.  The Hydrosphere is the gateway for the Mind to understand meaningful change.

The Biosphere makes food your best medicine and movement your greatest security.  The Biosphere is the gateway for the Body to be a tool for experiencing life to the fullest.

As in every opportunity life presents, knowing when to hold on and when to let go is wisdom.  Wisdom is the highest aim in a prosperous, long life for it allows everything its passage.  The BARDO DIET unites timeless truths in a form so easy to master that a 100 year old can practice it with a 10 year old!  Whether you are initiating a change or trying to align with an unexpected one, the 49 days for you to cross over into a new life begin whenever you are ready.