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1. Of the colors listed, which is your favorite?

2. You are given an all-expense paid week. Where are you most likely to spend it?

3. Which of these instruments would you prefer to play/hear?
4. Of these fruits, which do you eat most often?
5. Of these vegetables, which do you eat most often?
6. Of these sauce ingredients, which do you eat most often?
7. When you are in your favorite place in nature, which sense is the strongest part of
your experience?
8. Which of the following emotional states do you experience most often?
9. Which of the following mental states do you experience most often?
10. Which most closely describes your occupation?
11. What do you talk about the most?
12. What is your favorite time of day?
13. Which of the following is your favorite season?
14. If you were to relocate, which direction would you move?
15. In interacting with others what quality/ability do you draw upon most often?
16. Considering Question 15, what answer might your best friend give concerning you?
17. Which of the following are you most likely to pursue as a hobby?
18. How would you identify the majority of your prayers?
19. Of the following list of vices, which is your greatest adversary?
20. When you think of your favorite food, which of these come to mind first?
21. Your favorite gemstone would be like:
22. How do you prefer to receive input from your environment?

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