What is the easiest way for you to change your mind?

There is a rhythm to everyone’s life.  It is like your heartbeat, sometimes quickened and rapid, sometimes slow and mellow.  Always, consistently constant.
In your body, life flows through arteries and veins.
In your mind, it flows through desire and fulfillment.
In your Spirit, it flows through giving and receiving.
The movement in Life is channeled by an interplay of Support and Resistance.  The BARDO DIET Quiz evaluates this movement identifying what determines the highs and the lows in your life.  Your findings will be used to synchronize your circadian rhythms in Spirit, Mind, and Body.
Ready?  You can begin right now.

There are 22 questions in the BARDO DIET Quiz.  Each have six possible replies.  These are carefully designed to evaluate the rhythm of your Life.  That rhythm is a key signature.  Just as a key signature in a piece of music unlocks how all the notes will work together to produce a song, so your responses reveal the key signature to your OPTIMAL BLUEPRINT for a healthy, prosperous, and long life!

Answers to Quiz 1 reveal your Ease of Support in making any change.  It will tell you which Emotional Doorway you tend to rely upon as you move through life. Complete the questions, replying openly and honestly.  They will be tabulated electronically and you will receive the evaluation based upon your answers after completing all questions.