In science, the HYDROSPHERE includes all Earth’s water, in liquid, solid, and gaseous phases.  The HYDROSPHERE TUTORIALs open your MIND to Self-actualizing change.  The unique step-by-step procedure – designed solely for you from your quiz evaluations – vitalizes the frequency of water.  Drinking the resulting Stargate Water, that you create, activates your Personal Blueprint for Optimal Health every day.

Step 2 ~ The BIOSPHERE

In science, the BIOSPHERE includes all Earth’s life forms of all sizes in all habitats.  The BIOSPHERE TUTORIALs teach you how to calibrate your BODY through a biofeedback process called Sphering.  Forty-nine simple to execute movements activate your Personal Blueprint for Optimal Health by accessing the oldest structure in existence – the Torus.


In science, the MAGNETOSPHERE is the blanket of gas that surrounds the entire planet and extends to the edge of space. Humans are the only object known on Earth that can change its electric polarity by will.  The MAGNETOSPHERE TUTORIALs teach you to do this consciously through a sound diet that activates the electrical balances for your Holographic Blueprint for Optimal Health.

Life is change.  Growth is optional.  Choose wisely.

M A S T E R     L I V I N G